Doesn’t matter whether you are in Fishers or Muscamott the Crew has found this year must have for the water and it’s 2 local guys! Introducing the Float’N’Grill


Float’N’Grill is a patented, floating base with a detachable grill. You can cook food right in the water whether you’re at the sandbar, floating down a river, or out fishing. They already have a floating cooler, and beer pong table, so why not a floating grill?

With Float’N’Grill you don’t have to worry about getting grease all over your boat, or losing your spot at the sandbar. There’s no need to stay on the boat to cook while your friends are out enjoying the water. The Float’N’Grill goes wherever you go.

Pre-orders are coming soon! If you’re interested and would like to stay up to date with this project, please click the button below. We will keep you informed with what’s happening behind the scenes. You’ll also be the first to know when we start taking pre-orders. The pre-order form is a no obligation, no credit card required form. It is used to gather basic contact info so we can let you know once the Float’N’Grill goes on sale.

We just sat down with Jemey and Mike last night and will post a whole lot more on Monday including where and when to sign up for preorders! Stay tuned!

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