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An 11-year veteran Miami Beach cop featured in a Playboy model’s Instagram video has been placed on administrative duty for his role in a stunt that saw the fake arrest of three nearly naked models, the Miami Herald reported.

The officer, William Becker, is seen in the Instagram video escorting three scantily clad, handcuffed women in black heels up the steps to the police station.

The three women stop when they reach the front door, turning back to the camera with sullen looks on their faces.

The Instagram video is captioned: “Do you like bad girls or good girls? Who’s gonna bail us out?

One Instagram user commented on the post: “On the way with the bail money,” while another wrote, “I only got enough for one of you.”

Miami Beach cop Playboy video

Not everyone celebrated the video, though. Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales said Tuesday in a statement the incident was “disgusting,” adding “these videos are highly offensive.”

“It is disgusting that a representative of the Miami Beach Police Department, and the city as a whole, would choose to participate in this distasteful video,” Morales said.

Becker was placed on administrative duty as the Miami PD investigates the situation.

In one of the expired Instagram stories, the models can be heard saying: “Thank you, Officer Bill, for letting us go,” to which Becker responds: “No problem. Enjoy the community. I like to protect and serve.”

In response to Becker being put on leave, one of the models in the video, Julianne, wrote in the comment section she “sincerely apologized” and hoped he isn’t fired.

Miami Beach cop Playboy video

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