The one and only, Flying Tiger original – 2 Stroke Smoke Candle. We hand make every candle in house with real live 2 stroke oil boosted with high-octane fragrance. Designed to deliver that familiar scent of brappy trail rides and supermoto day dreams, in such a way that the EPA won’t perform a search and seizure, and house guests won’t think you moonlight as a moto mechanic in your living room. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scent. 


Brought to you by Flying Tigers Moto the candle includes real motor oil for that authentic smell.


They also have Motoman Oil & Leather Candle whose description reads:

Oil & Leather are essential elements in you two wheeled life. Cruising the backroads and highways wouldn’t be the same (or safe) if you had to go with out. In the spirit of our passions, our candles are made by hand, in-house, with our own blends of natural fragrances, ensuring you get a product built on lasting confidence. Simple ingredients. Superior scents.


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