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MC5 (legendary Detroit rock band!)

Technically founded in 1964 at Lincoln Park High School in Lincoln Park, Michigan, the great American rock band MC5 consisted of:

Rob Tyner (lead vocals)
Wayne Kramer (guitar)
Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith (guitar)
Dennis ‘Machine Gun’ Thompson (drums)
Michael Davis (bass guitar)

MC5 Exhibit (Sat, July 11th) and FREE Tribute Concert (Sun, July 12th) in Lincoln Park, Michigan!

MC5 (along with the NYC band Velvet Underground) was also one of the very first punk rock bands, which they are seldom credited for. They were a classic psychedelic Detroit rock band known for wild shows, LSD, playing Detroit’s infamous Grande Ballroom for Uncle Russ Gibb, blowing minds with that new fangled Detroit rock sound, etc.

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MC5 (founded 1964 @ Lincoln Park High School)


Their manager John Sinclair founded the White Panther Party, merged MC5, Trans-Love Energies and the White Panther Party into one quasi-militant organism and moved from Detroit to Ann Arbor in 1968 to the Hill Street Commune/ MC5 House (1510 Hill Street, Ann Arbor).

Famous 1966 handbill for MC5 @ Grande Ballroom (Detroit)

Detroit psychedelic poster artist Gary Grimshaw illustrated their famous 1966 handbill. Their classic ‘Kick Out the Jams’ album was recorded live on Halloween night 1968 at the Grande Ballroom. They graced the 1969 cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

MC5 on the 1969 cover of Rolling Stone

Their most famous song, ‘Kick Out the Jams’, has been widely covered by hundreds of bands. The two best covers are perhaps by ‘The Presidents of the United States of America’ and the cover by ‘Rage Against the Machine’.

MC5 @ Hill Street Commune (Ann Arbor, MI) c. 1968

So come on out and celebrate 50 years of the MC5 with an art exhibit on Saturday, July 11th and a free concert on Sunday, July 12th at the Kennedy Memorial Band Shell!

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MC5 playing Detroit’s globally famous psychedelic ballroom the Grande Ballroom circa 1966


Saturday, July 11th, 2015
MC5 Exhibit (feat. Works by Leni Sinclair, Carl Lundgren, Gary Grimshaw, etc. Brad Hale of Peoples Records will be spinning records.)
Lincoln Park Historical Museum (1335 Southfield Rd, Lincoln Park, MI)


Sunday, July 12th, 2015
FREE MC5 Tribute Conert
Kennedy Memorial Park Bandshell (3240 Ferris Ave, Lincoln Park, MI)


Facebook event page for Saturday, July 11th MC5 exhibit

Facebook event page for Sunday, July 12th MC5 FREE Tribute Concert


MC5-Over and Over (1970)


MC5-Looking At You (1970) live at Wayne State University, Detroit


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