Marine Historical Society of Detroit (photo by MHSD)

The Marine Historical Society of Detroit, a non-profit organization founded in 1944, provides a focal point for individuals and organizations interested in and concerned with the history of the Great Lakes shipping.

Membership includes receiving the monthly publication The Detroit Marine Historian, which offers a variety of articles exploring Great Lakes shipping past and present. Features include Great Lakes Ships to be Remembered, a look at Marine News from 100 Years Ago, and The Log, a digest of current news concerning Great Lakes shipping.

Membership also includes an annual, full-color calendar featuring superb, often rare, photos of Great Lakes ships of the past.

In keeping with the Society’s objective to further interest and preservation of Great Lakes history, they publish several books, including three volumes of Great Lakes Ships We Remember, two volumes of Ahoy & Farewell, GLEW (an illustrated history of the Great Lakes Engineering Works shipyard) and The Nicholson Fleets and Their Captains.

Many of the photographs used in these publications are not available elsewhere.

Marine Historical Society of Detroit (photo by MHSD)

MHSD has also provided financial support to worthy projects around the Great Lakes, among them the Lightship Huron museum, the Col. James M. Schoonmaker and William G. Mather museum ships, the Great Lakes Maritime Institute’s William Clay Ford pilothouse and Edmund Fitzgerald anchor-raising projects. The society has also given scholarship support to The Great Lakes Maritime Academy at Traverse City.

The society’s archival collection has been donated to The Historical Collections of the Great Lakes at Bowling Green, Ohio.

The MHSD has members in the United States, Canada and around the world.




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Marine Historical Society of Detroit (photo by MHSD)

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