Make Me a Zombie

Make Me a Zombie is a website where you upload a profile photo of yourself or someone else and their face becomes zombified.

Josh Brown Kramer (based in Nebraska) built this website, which uses Artificial Intelligence.

Specifically, he utilized a generative adversarial network, or GAN in order to take users’ faces and, in effect, make predictions as to what they’d look like as zombie ones.

Make Me a Zombie

The popular StyleGAN zombie generator is a GAN architecture extension open-sourced by Nvidia, that can generate impressively photorealistic images while enabling user control over image style.

Josh’s zombie dataset is a set of about 300 images of zombie Halloween masks and people in Zombie makeup. It comes mostly from Pinterest and Google, and was hand filtered to throw out non-zombies. These images are layered over the photo face.

Make me a zombie (turn any photo of a person into a zombie)

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