Local Entrepreneur, Denice Newman, makes your business her business – Meet the “SquatShot”, the only portable boating urinal on the market and your new answer to a lack of a porta potty!

As we all know, women’s plumbing is a little different than men. Normally it’s not a big deal until the urge arises to relieve yourself. From first-hand experience, there is no more anxiety on a boat than a woman who has to pee badly and nowhere around to stop and no port-a-potty on-board.

Introducing the SquatShot! Invented and made right here is Detroit, the Jobbie Crew sat down with the owner and inventor Denice Newman.

SquatShot – The only leak you want on your boat


We all know where the need comes from but how did you come up with the idea?  Back in 2010 when fuel prices skyrocketing, we found ourselves down-scaling in the size of the boats we used; center-consoles became very popular.  The problem with small boats was that females and males have different plumbing.    Women urinating on a boat has always been an unspoken problem.  Women just accepted the fact that they just had to “hold it ‘till we get there” or squat in the bucket, or use a Port-a-potty in a console that was too small for comfort.  There was always the option of jumping into the lake.  By the way, Michigan’s warm-water months are July, August, and September.  In short, women got short-changed in the “relieving” department.  My father was a tool-and-die man that looked at the world in a positive way.  If it was broken, he tried to fix it.  If there was a need for a tool, he could make it.  I inherited his gift.   I saw a problem… an inconvenience… and sought a solution.  Hence, I created Squatshot®.

SquatShot The only leak you want on your boat.

How many different prototypes did you go through?  First, I began with a small plastic bed pan and cut it in half.  Then I covered it with aluminum foil and could easily manipulate the design that I wanted.  After seeing my prototype and a few conversations later, my design was complete. Bur Mold & Engineering in Bruce Township made a wooden mold (the kind Henry Ford made back in the early 1900’s).  Actually, my mold maker and I were pretty much on the same page.  After a few alterations, the mold was complete.


How long have you been selling them?   After my product was made, I applied for a patent.  When that was completed in 2011, I began selling them online and at Boat Shows and Trade Shows.  I have since been selling my product online at my “store” and on Amazon.


Are you guys boaters? If the sun is shining and the lake has thawed in Michigan, we boat.  We have a short boating season so we don’t want to miss a single boating day.  We go to restaurants by boat and love to swim and snorkel in Lake St. Clair.  At least twice a year, we boat in the Florida Keys where beautiful coral and colorful fish are absolutely everywhere.


Are there other uses other than boating? The uses for Squatshot are endless.  Whenever we leave our bathroom and a restroom is unavailable, Squatshot is available.  Women use their Squatshot in deer blinds, rubber rafts, private investigators in vehicles, campers in tents, in remote cabins, women use their Squatshot wherever a restroom is unavailable.

SquatShot – Don’t leave the dock without it


Any final thoughts? My product is the first urinal that is associated with boating… It is the first boating urinal on the market. It is the only urinal on the market with a one-foot drainage tube to direct pee away from the women as well as the boat.  When I talk about my product to other female boaters, my product sells itself.  I am hailed as a genius when women (and most men) hear of my product.  People usually get a “kick” out of my product but the reality is that the time has come to acknowledge that women can urinate on-board without inconveniencing others around them.  Nasty 5-gallon buckets, holding it ‘till we get there and jumping overboard just to pee, are a thing of the past.


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SquatShot – Don’t leave the dock without it

SquatShot! Don’t leave the dock without it!


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