On Wednesday, January 13th, 2016, pro marijuana lobby group Abrogate Prohibition Michigan is launching a 180-Day Signature Campaign, a petition to end cannabis prohibition in the State of Michigan.

On Wednesday, January 13th, 2016, pro marijuana lobby group Abrogate Prohibition Michigan is launching a 180-Day Signature Campaign, a petition to end cannabis prohibition in the State of Michigan.

Between January 13th and July 11th, 2016, they need 315, 654 signatures in order to get the issue of legalizing marijuana for recreational use in the State of Michigan on the November 2016 ballot.

If you are a fan of wanting to smoke marijuana freely and openly, then get your ass up and sign this petition! Contact APM Midland, Michigan-based founder and organizer Timothy Locke for more info on signing the petition and/becoming a petitioner who helps collects signatures in your community. Email Timothy Locke click here!

Imagine next year at this time. 2017. Marijuana is fully legalized in Michigan. You can go to your local corner store, buy some marijuana and smoke a joint freely. Yes, this beautiful dream is very very close to becoming a reality in the State of Michigan. It just needs some help.

58% of the people polled in the State of Michigan (Michigan has a population of roughly 10 million people) are strongly in favor of fully legalizing marijuana for recreational use.

Legalize Cannabis in Michigan

To sign the petition, you must be 18-years and up, a registered voter and a resident of the state of Michigan. You will fill out your name, address, signature and date it.

To be a Petitioner and help get signatures, you must be a registered voter in your home county. If you would like to be a Petitioner, contact Tim Locke. You can do door-to-door canvassing and also go to big events, festivals, concerts to help mass collect signatures.

“This is a full 100% grass roots efforts,” says Timothy Lock, “It’s only We the People who can do this, and so we shall. Thank you for your support, its people like you that are going to make this happen!”

APM is seeking dedicated spots in large areas (ie: Detroit, Monroe, Port Huron, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Traverse City, etc) businesses, coffeehouses, etc, which are willing to host a permanent petition for the duration of the 180-campaign where people can come sign up. If interested, please contact Tim Locke.

If interested, you can also donate money to the cause. $20.00 max per person.

Its time this silly anti-Marijuana law was repealed. Think of the revenue, the job creation, the widespread happiness, the not having to be paranoid when you smoke a bowl feeling of pure joy.

Help amend the Constitution of Michigan and repeal silly cannabis prohibition!

Legalize Marijuana in Michigan!

Abrogate Prohibition Michigan
Timothy Locke (Midland, Michigan)
(989) 600-4760 Tim’s cell

Campaign kickoff event:

When:          Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Time:           Noon-10pm

Where:        Down 2 Earth Holistic Healing (3001 South Washington Ave, Lansing, MI)

The official web forum for the APM campaign:


Tim Locke’s nightly MichICAN podcast on Blog Talk Radio M-F


Sample of petition you’ll be signing



Official Abrogate Prohibition Michigan Press Release
By: Timothy Locke

“One of the most ineffective and damaging policies introduced by legislators in the last 50 years is the prohibition of the Cannabis/Hemp plant.

Abrogate Prohibition Michigan is very different from all other efforts because the group is proposing an amendment to the State Constitution repealing all prohibitions on the Cannabis/Hemp plant for use by the people, business, and industries alike.

The proposal does not allow for any excise/luxury/sin taxes, nor allow fines or any other penalties whatsoever for the use of the Cannabis/Hemp plant by anyone in the state.

Cannabis/Hemp prohibition has damaged the economic, social, and political health of the State, and will continue to leave those problems squarely on the doorstep of every citizen, to be put again upon the backs of our children like it was once dumped on us not so long ago.

Prohibition of the Cannabis/Hemp plant violates a free people’s most basic right, being the right to Self Determination.

Abrogate Prohibition Michigan looks past the surface and digs down to the roots of a number of these problems the State still faces today. And it will continue to stumble over prohibition for decades more, should we not do what seems impossible for the state itself to accomplish.

As we turn into the 79 year anniversary of prohibition, there is little else one can honestly take away from the situation.

The state spends around $500 million annually to arrest and prosecute possession charges. This does not include the annual cost taxpayers pay to jail non-violent cannabis offenders.

The current 6% State sales tax on all the retail/commercial product sales after full repeal, along with the cut of the $500 million of wasted taxes, will far exceed those collected by legislation with excise taxes collected by a limited recreational marketplace.

Michigan is $78 Billion in debt and growing according to the most recent Michigan Debt Clock.



Michigan Debt Clock

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