This upcoming Saturday is the annual Longest Raft off on Lake St Clair in Little Muscamoot Bay.

This year is a little different in the fact that there is an official attempt at the Guinness World Record.

We first brought you this story back in April.

Thanks to Hans Keller for these awesome shots of Raft Off 2016 in Little Muscamoot Bay Lake St Clair

While we have not heard back from the organizers of the event since the interview, there has been a strong and growing opposition to the official attempt on the water and in social media.

You might have noticed all anti-mustache flags flying out in the Bay (the organizers of this years attempt have a mustache as their logo).

Known as Draft Off Raft Up 2018 after someone offered to bring out a keg for free and within a couple of weeks that number was up to 25+ kegs.

“Everyone is responsible for their own keg and who it goes to. If you see a keg on the back of a boat that does not give you the right to takes some. Please ask first and for God’s sake please do not bring out solo cups,” says Jamie. 

Anti Mustache flags flying at Jobbie Nooner





The groups/opposition formed based on the actions and words of Michael Droogleever the organizer of the Raft Off record attempt.

“We are all for going after the record and bringing the boating community together” said Jamie Graham, “However, what Michael did was the opposite.”

“Michael made the event about him and his Nautibuoy group and not the boaters or charities. At first he came out and said that if you did not sign up you could not tie up. He has since relented that he cannot control who ties up where but he went about it all wrong.” 

“We feel that all proceeds should go to charity and the attempt should be in the lakes name, not his. This event was started with charity in mind. Not to line someone’s pockets.”




Construction of the new Tiki Barge

Draft Up Raft Up 2018 is the biggest opposition group along with River Queen Saloon.

With about 3,500 members combined the banter is often and funny.

“We are going to offer an alternative for people that want to come and have a good time but do not necessarily support the official attempt. We are going big this year!”

“We have converted a barge we bought from Superior Marine and have converted it into a Two-Decker Tiki Barge sponsored by Island Bar and Grill in Sterling Heights


Movement festival DJ Sound Host will be providing the array of speakers and sound equipment to support the your favorite local DJ’s including Bobby L.”

“We are going to be to the left side of the Bay and invite all to tie up with us. We have Red Bull as a sponsor and room for many more around the outside of the barge.”

“All money will go to paying for the barge material and any extra will be donated to charity.”

History of the Raft Off:

The annual Raft off held in Little Muscamoot bay is only accessible by boat. With thousands of boats participating every year this event is one of the largest boating events in Michigan and maybe even on the country. (link to Raft Off page)

Facebook Event

The date for this years Raft Off is 8/11/2018 and the coordinates are 42.572874, -82.625288

Get there early and plan on being there all day long.

For the entire history of the Raft Off read our interview with the true founder and creator Brian Elliot here.


    • No, it’s not. Mike will lose but gained the attention he needed to brand his company. He’s already lost the biggest thing outside the record which means nothing to the new guy… He has lost respect among people that once called him a friend. He will not build a solid start with his company that is sponsoring the event he put together to gain the rights to use their logo & brand his company for 10K. To ask for money when you market an event with the goal to push your line & then ask for money to fund your own marketing tactic. COME ON. Lastly, after Saturday it will be old news. We aren’t getting it. ANd nobody cares anyway. Drink, have fun…. The last real first attempt was free and donations only to fund the lighthouses.

  1. Has the barge been weight tested? I’ve only seen this work on a sandbar (like Torch) where the haul hits the lake bottom as its loaded. A double deck barge in a good position will need a bouncer.

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