A large family of 10-15 Liverpool scousers have been wrecking havoc across the country of New Zealand for over a month until being recently deported back to England.

They’ve being accused of littering, theft, dining and dashing, and generally running amok since arriving in December, according to multiple reports.

Liverpool Trash Family

Stealing a Christmas Tree from an Auckland Store

The trouble started on December 7th when the family entered a Caltex convenience store in Auckland, New Zealand, where two of their children stole a Christmas tree.

According to the outlet, two women also stole smaller items from the store, smuggling them in their clothing.

On Wednesday, Tina Marie Cash, a member of the group who had a six-month travel visa, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft.

Cash, who had no criminal history, told police she did not remember stealing the items but did recognize herself on the security footage.

Dining and Dashing at Seven Different Restaurants

The family has refused to pay for meals on at least seven separate occasions, according to reports from angry restaurant owners who said the “family of ruffians” became aggressive when confronted about the situation.

The group also allegedly dined and dashed at a restaurant on January 9, threatening staff before they left.

They littered when visiting beautiful Takapuna Beach and threatened gorgeous Krista Curnow with “smashing her head in”

Krista Curnow (28) brave Kiwi

While visiting Takapuna Beach, the group also did not pick up their trash, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Brave and beautiful Kiwi, Krista Curnow (28) attempted to ask them to clean discarded boxes, beer bottles and baby wipes. They responded by threatening her with physical violence.

Curnow said she was surrounded by what she thought were “Irish traveller women.”

Even the grandma and a child got involved, saying they wanted to punch my head in!” she said.

Curnow’s footage shows one member of the group leaning on a car drinking, litter strewn on a lawn and a confrontation with other beachgoers who confronted them.

Deporting the “Trash Family” back to Liverpool

The group was issued a deportation notice on Tuesday following an incident at a Burger King related to their “unruly behavior” at the restaurant.

The family was given 28 days to leave the country,

I’m no one famous. I’m just a fat kid from England on holiday,” a member of the group who identified himself as John Johnson told the Herald.

He said he was looking forward to getting to “see the Hobbits,” which will not happen now that they will leave the country earlier than planned.

“We have to go home early because the New Zealand people are treating my family like s–t,” Johnson said.”We paid a lot of money to come here for a family holiday.”

The family told the New Zealand Herald they will leave by Friday, a week earlier than they originally planned.

Security footage of the Christmas tree theft


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