Kindergartner brings pre-mixed margaritas for snack time at school (Livonia, Michigan)

Thanks to Mlive for this:

A kindergartner brought in an alcoholic margarita mixed drink into a Livonia, Michigan school for snack time and shared the drink with multiple classmates.

The school is Grand River Academy (28111 8 Mile Rd, Livonia, MI)

The student brought in a four-pack of Jose Cuervo pre-mixed margaritas, according to the report.

During snack time, the drink was poured in Dixie cups and multiple students had a drink, the report said.

One mother said her child had “four to five sips,” thinking it was just juice. The mother said her daughter felt “woozy” and “a little dizzy” afterward.

According to the report, the school called poison control when it learned what happened. The school also contacted the parents to let them know they were all physically OK and that it would be disciplining the student, if necessary, the report said.

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