Jobbie Nooner 2016 Part 2 [fergcorp_cdt_single date=”Fri, 10 Sep 2016 08:00:00″]

Jobbie Nooner Two! (Saturday, September 12th, 2016) Gull Island, Lake St. Clair, Michigan!

Captain’s Logbook:

Thousands upon thousands upon thousands of partiers are about to take over Gull Island (Michigan’s mini-Atlantis) again this September for Jobbie Nooner 2!

Jobbie Girls!

And the JobbieCrew will be there with the Wheel of Destiny onboard the Mystic Maiden pirate ship!

JobbieCrew’s own MYSTIC MAIDEN PIRATE SHIP! You can privately charter this ship here:

Gull Island is a magical place where girls show their boobs for beads and everyone has a good time. Jobbie Nooner Two takes place on and around Gull Island and the massive boat party is only accessible via boat or helicopter.

JobbieCrew’s emcee Dick Alot with a fine Jobbie lass at the infamous Wheel of Destiny!

Just remember to please PICK UP YOUR TRASH and throw it in one of our MANY trash bags!

Jobbie Girls come in a variety of fun flavors!

You can charter the MYSTIC MAIDEN PIRATE SHIP for private parties, private events, whatever. It even comes with a Captain and crew of deckhands so you don’t have to do the work! Just pay the rental fee! Do it!

Jobbie Nooner Two!

What:          Jobbie Nooner Two

When:         Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Time:          6am-6pm

Where:        Gull Island, Lake St. Clair (international waters about 5 miles off the coast of Harrison Township, Michigan)


Exclusive Interview: LEE O’DELL (Co-creator of Jobbie Nooner in 1974!)

Exclusive Interview: BILLY FRITTS (This man is the reason Jobbie Nooner got BIG!)




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