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30 days till the greatest summer party on the water….. Jobbie Nooner 2015 30 days!!!!

Jobbie Nooner 2015 in 30 days

30 days until the Mardi Gras of the Midwest on Gull Island!!!!







The History of Jobbie Nooner

In case you have not read please check out the two exclusive interview we did with Lee O’dell and Billy Fritts that show how Jobbie Nooner was created and turned into the event is is now

How Jobbie Nooner Started with Lee Wagner and Lee O’Dell

How Jobbie turned into to the party it is today because of Billy Fritts

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Get your 2015 official Jobbie Nooner 2015  Tanks and T-shirts. The crew cares and will give $3 from each shirt to be split between the Macomb County Sheriff Marine division and the Clay count Fire and Rescue

Get your T-shirt and tanks now before they sell out









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