With Jobbie Nooner 2018 just over 2 weeks away we wanted to post some guidelines for everyone who has never been or even the Jobbie Veterans out there to share with others

Guidelines for Jobbie Nooner

Jobbie Nooner 2013 Aerial photograph

With every large event there a few who try to ruin it for everyone so here are some guidelines:

  1. DO NOT BRING MINORS yes believe it or not every year I see kids out there. Social services should be out there to ask “What the fuck are you thinking?”
  2. Pick up your trash. All of it!
  3. Do not bring glass bottles (Karma is a bitch and next time it’s you who will step on it)
  4. Designate a designated driver! There a lot of police just looking for you. It’s not worth it. If you need to, call our friends at Designated Captains at 586.943.6339 if you need a ride from the ramp use code hfon6 and get a free Uber if you have never used them before or you can call Safe Ride Sue 810-734-2593. Do not Drink and Boat/Drive
  5. Pick up your trash! Every year there is a ton of trash left on the island and in the water. please show some respect!
  6. Bring water, food, and plenty of sunscreen
  7. Sexual assault is a crime. Just because she is showing them to you does not give you permission to touch. Don’t be that douchebag!
  8. Everyone is there to have fun yet every year some testosterone alcohol-induced assholes insist on fighting anything that moves. You know who they are. Don’t bring them. If you don’t know who they are,  you are the one. No one needs the aggravation so stay home.
  9. Pick up your Fucking Trash!
  10. Be a good neighbor. Take care of each other’s boats as if they are yours. Don’t just untie people because you want to go! See a loose line, tighten it up! Be a good neighbor!
  11. Please leave the island/lake like you found it and pick up your trash
  12. The lake and the beach are not your ashtrays. Find and use one.
  13. Look out for your brother and sisters. Don’t just watch, if someone needs help be part of the solution and help them. Even if it is just getting them to the sheriff.
  14. If everyone would tie a trash bag to the back of their boat just maybe people would use them instead of the lake.
  15. Please respect the Sherrif’s and the Clay Twp Fire and Rescue. They are there for your safety, not to ruin your buzz. Give them the respect they deserve!
  16. Please pick up your trash!


Work hard, play hard and enjoy the views

Nip’s are Hip

The Jobbie Crew

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