First off, whatever you do, always stay hydrated with water!

Second off, DO NOT pilot your boat drunk! It is dangerous for you and others. Please be responsible. You also must be 21+ up.

And if you are crew/passenger/guest on the vessel, please drink responsibly and try to be a helpful addition to the ship.

Jobbie Crew’s Jobbie Juice

We get alot of questions about what types of alcoholic drinks we like to have when hanging out in the bay. We do not drink alot but from time to time we do enjoy a certain combination.

Instead of jungle juice, we’ve created Jobbie Juice!

Everything is chilled first.

Then we start with very smooth Wheatley Vodka. Wheatley is 82 proof, triple filtered and distilled 10 times. It’s made by Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky using limestone water and wheat grain.

Wheatley Vodka

Then we add Sanpellegrino Limone & Menta sparkling drink, which is a great combo of zesty lemon juice and aromatic mint extract.

Sanpellegrino Limone & Menta

And walla! You have Jobbie Juice!

You can also substitute the Wheatley Vodka with El Jimador Silver Tequila for a delightfully refreshing experience. El Jimador is made with 100% hand-harvested blue Weber agave and double distilled. Either liquor works very well with this drink.

El Jimador silver tequila


What is your favorite thing to drink while boating???

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