Jobbie Nooner

Jobbie Nooner and Raft Off are two of the world’s biggest boat parties.

They take place on Michigan’s Lake St. Clair and they’ve been occurring regularly every single year without fail.

Jobbie Nooner started in 1974. Raft Off started in 2004.

These events DO NOT HAVE ORGANIZERS ANYMORE. They are self-organizing natural phenomenons.

With that being said the USCG, St Clair County and Macomb County Sheriff will have final say.

These events are supported out of love by many information outposts, like Jobbie Crew, along the way. But we are not the organizers or keepers of the events.

These boat parties are ridiculously big and fun, I mean we’re talking 60-100K plus people at each one.

Jobbie Nooner

The Jobbie Crew supports law enforcement & the military 100%.

Please do not give them a hard time. If you’re cool, they’re cool. If you get out of line, they rightfully will do whatever they have to do to keep the peace.

There is no way, even with dozens of various departments, that they have the budget, resources, or manpower to shut down boat parties, especially on a lake the size of Lake St. Clair, which is one of the biggest lakes in America.

So please recognize that all the law enforcement agencies on LSC struggle with having an over-sized mandate of keeping this huge lake safe and in reality, only a very limited capacity to carry it out.

Top 10 Boat Party Tips for Jobbie Nooner, Raft Off, Bud Bash, or any boat party anywhere!

They are not your enemies, do not make their job harder on them. Just be cool and respectful and don’t give them a hard time, there is no reason to.

Also, keep in mind, these boat parties generate a ton of economic activity, especially for small businesses, and every city on the map can benefit from some money coming into their communities right now.

This money comes in the form of stopping at gas stations, party stores, grocery stores, marinas, boating stores, restaurants for carry out, etc. This has been rough on everyone this year so spend local.

Jobbie Nooner

If you go out, be an adult, and have fun.

Odds are Jobbie Nooner and Raft Off will continue whether there’s a pandemic or not. 

Just try to be responsible.

You can easily stay on your boat and social distance 6 feet from other boats and still see great boobs and cool boats at a distance.

This is the United States of America. Enjoy your Freedom!



46th Annual Jobbie Nooner

Gull Island, Lake St. Clair

Friday, June 26, 2020


16th Annual Raft Off

Muscamoot Bay, Lake St. Clair

Saturday, August 08, 2020

Jobbie Nooner


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