Insane Clown Posse is performing for FREE at the Masonic Temple to “Celebrate the strength of the City of Detroit and the camaraderie of the Juggalo family.”

Known for Faygo, hatchets, their fanatical fanbase (ie: superfan Juggalo Julz in Chicago hosted a Ninjette Juggalo Funeral for her deceased newborn daughter Annabelle Lotus in 2008) and being officially labeled a “gang” by the F.B.I. (which stupidly makes fans of their music “gang members”), it’s hard to believe I.C.P. is actually a relevant global force.



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Detroiters Joseph Bruce and Joey Utsler formed I.C.P. in 1989 as a backyard wrestling duo in Southwest Detroit on Military Street by Clark Park then became horror-core rappers with their first album ‘Carnival of Carnage’ (1992) featuring tracks with Esham and Kid Rock. And the rest is Juggalo history.

What is a Juggalo? “He ain’t like anybody that you’ve ever met before. He’ll eat Monopoly and shit out Connect Four.”

President and CEO of Psychopathic Records is William ‘Billy Bill’ Dail and Psychopathic Records is headquartered at 32575 Folsom Rd, Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Also, look for ICP in the March 2015 issue of High Times.

What:           Juggalo Day
When:          Saturday, February 21st, 2015
Where:        Masonic Temple (500 Temple St, Detroit)
Time:           4pm-?
Cost:            FREE with canned food. Bring some canned goods!!!


Facebook event page

Juggalo Day info

Book ‘Behind the Paint’ by Violent J

ICP-Boogie Woogie Wu (1997)


ICP-What is a Juggalo (1997)



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