Imagine if your helm looked like this! Awesome video of the. THE WIDER 150 i-BRIDGE

Imagine if your helm looked like this!

The helm station on the WIDER 150, known as the “I-Bridge”, has been designed and developed in collaboration with Team Italia and is not only stunningly attractive to behold but also supremely practical to use. At rest the control panel is clean and linear, stretching across the width of the bridge in an elegant and uninterrupted manner and allowing for an uncluttered, clean layout. In navigation, the modular console wraps around the Captain in a “C” shape, granting easy access and visibility to the controls – a clear safety benefit but also ensuring greater flexibility and comfort.

The I-Bridge can be adapted according to the requirements of the Captain at any given moment with predefined modes set for offshore & inshore cruising, approaches, mooring, and docking. Each combination has been studied to guarantee that the bridge looks sensational but at the same time the operator of the yacht benefits from the best of ergonomics and practicality.
This combination of stylish design and demanding practicality has become a theme throughout the WIDER Superyacht and has proven to be a winning formula with yacht Owners and Captains alike.

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