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What started out as a guy with a camera has turned into one hell of an expensive hobby. While I have attended Jobbie Nooners for longer than I can remember it wasn’t until about 5 years ago I brought out the first camera. I worked with a bunch of guys who were on the east coast that would not believe me when I told them what we would happen during Jobbie Nooner. From that first camera came a rudimentary slide show not much more entertaining than the family vacation slideshow that everyone dreads.
When the first group (pre JobbieCrew) got together and watched the show it was drunk Metro Man who said “That was fucking awesome”!.
I am sure it was the Capitan taking over but that light bulb went off in my head and my ego got larger and the seed was planted.
The next year I had a camera and a new HD video camera that I talked Mrs. JC into letting me buy. Now we had both still pictures and video. I took the cameras to all 3 events that year and filmed away. That winter after hundreds of hour learning new software came the first Jobbie Nooner movie. When the crew got together that winter to watch the movie and drink beer it was an instant success which kept the ego going.
The last couple of years have seen the full blow escalation of what Mrs JC calls an borderline obsession. We now have a full blown film crew, a stage, Dj’s, a website and it keeps growing every year. The last 2 years the “Movie Premiere” were too big for Mrs. Iron Fist’s living room so Monte’s in downtown Mt Clemens has allowed us to play it there. This year there were almost a hundred people.
As we start out on this years festivities with Jobbie Nooner 2011 I stand back in awe of what this has turned into and look forward to continuing to allow it to grow(as long as the pocket book allows)
Look for us on the north side of Gull Island. DJ Knowledge will be spinning the beats and with all the events planned it will be great entertainment not to mention the reason we are all there “BOOBS”
Take Care and see you out there!
The Other JC

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