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The Picture says it all. Holy Moley what a day out in Muscamoot Bay!! JobbieCrew.com’s own Dick Alota was the greatest smooth talker since Berry White in getting the people up on the stage and showing their goods!

The morning started out slow but contuined picking up at a nice pace only to climax between 3 and 4pm in a massive whip cream eat out unseen at Jobbie Nooner or in the bay! Thank you to whoever supplied the whipped cream!

There was action on the Jobbie Crew stage all day long thanks to a suprise visit by our newest crew member  Amanda.Her uncanny ability to “arouse” the action on stage is now ledgendary. Her ability to get both males and females into the groove thang was perfect.  What about Jobbie Nooner 2 you ask? No worries Amanda has agreed to join us again for Jobbie Nooner 2 with even more suprises in store.

In just a few short weeks Jobbie Nooner 2 (Sept 10, 2011) will be upon us in full fury. Again JobbieCrew.com will have the stage out in all it’s glory for your enertainment. See you in a couple of weeks

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