Hippo Sofa ($95,000)

This is the sofa handcrafted to create a life-size majestic hippopotamus.

The sofa requires over 400 hours to make due to the intricate design and the artist’s painstaking attention to detail, including the barrel-shaped body formed by a steel frame, massive snout, and short legs.

55″ H x 43″ D x 117″ L

Weighs 198 lbs.

Hippo Sofa ($95,000)

The sofa seat and backrest are formed into one side of the hippopotamus, leaving the other side to display the full, imposing form of the daunting animal.

The sofa seat and backrest are made from supple, tufted full-grain leather while the rest of the hippopotamus is covered in pebbled leather-like polyurethane, simulating the texture and look of the hippopotamus’ hairless skin.


Handcrafted Hippo Sofa ($95,000)



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