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A consignment of about 3 tons of heroin from Kandahar, Afghanistan with a net worth exceeding Rs 19,000 crore has been confiscated from the Mundra port in Gujarat, India.

After the heroin, which had been stored in two containers labelled as talc, was uncovered by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) at the Mundra Port, Gujarat, two Indians were arrested.

The consignment had one container loaded with about 2,000 kg of heroin and another bearing about 1,000 kg – originating from Afghanistan. It had been shipped to Gujarat from a port in Iran.

Searches have also been conducted in Chennai, Gandhidham, Mandvi, Ahmedabad, and Delhi.

$2.7 billion dollars worth of heroin from Afghanistan seized at Mundra Port (Gujarat, India)

It has been reported that the shipment could be worth approximately Rs 200 billion.
The investigation allegedly highlighted the connection of Afghan nationals even though no individual from the country has been arrested until now.

Afghanistan is the largest producer of heroin globally. It supplies about 80-90% of total global heroin output.

The Taliban’s return to power has further impacted the country’s existing dire economic crisis, which many believe could drive a boost in the production of the contraband.

The country’s economy had been heavily reliant on international donors that held a stake when the last government was in power. Development assistance and foreign aid made up over 42% of Afghanistan’s GDP in the previous year. It also funded about three-quarters of the total public expenditure.

But many of the donors are now hesitant to extend support to the Taliban. As a result, the economic scenario appears to be more uncertain.

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