Help the Jobbie Crew Pass Out FLYERS!

Hey, everybody, we need’ya damn help!

We have thousands upon thousands of Jobbie Crew party flyers that we are passing out.

As of right now they are being distributed in: Michigan, Canada, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana and some in New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, California, Florida and elsewhere.

These are standard 8.5 x 11 flyers and they are dual-sided. 


If you are so inclined to assist in passing out flyers, please email us at: 


Send us your:

First and last name

Mailing Address (ie: your street address, city, state, zip code)

Email address

Number of flyers you would like to pass out 


We will then mail you the flyers to distribute where you see fit.

You can physically hand them to people or you can leave a small stack of 20 or so at each of your favorite bars, restaurants, clubs, marinas, etc, as long as you ask the owner/manager and get permission. 

Not everyone will be friendly and if they don’t want you to put flyers there for whatever reason, don’t put flyers there. In our experience, most people are generally cool and will not mind the flyers. 

THANK YOU for your help and support!

Help the Jobbie Crew Pass Out FLYERS!

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