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Guy jumps over side to get video with his GoPro

This was filmed on my 3rd dive of the day in while out shooting Lionfish for Grills Seafood. I was in 90ft approx. 25 miles SE of Port Canaveral. When I first saw the shark it was on bottom and slowly swimming south. I then see it pass by headed North a minute later. It swims by a third time and after it swam out of sight I decide its time to head up to get the GoPro. My friend tosses me the GoPro and as I proceed to make my way back to the jug on the surface the shark makes a surprise appearance behind me. I would have never seen the shark behind if it wasn’t for my friends yelling at me to turn around! The water was crystal clear for here so its amazing to me how incredible these large creatures are at staying in your blind spot. Sorry for the video quality, was holding onto a gun, pole spear, and bag with lionfish fins poking through and trying not to drop anything! [via tubetime29]


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