Great White Shark SEX

Thanks to The Guardian for this:

Astonishing testimony by New Zealand fisherman Dick Ledgerwood sheds light on mysterious and elusive ritual.

It has been described as the “holy grail” of marine biology, an act that is crucial to the survival of apex predators but has never been documented in detail: the mating of great white sharks.

Despite decades of research into the habits of the white pointer, how and where the marine creatures mate has largely remained a mystery. Until now.

Great White Shark SEX

The testimony of a fisherman working in the frigid waters of the Otago Peninsula on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island has shed light on great white sex in astonishing detail.

Dick Ledgerwood’s account is only the second of its kind in the world. It took 23 years, a cup of tea and the help of marine biologist Steve Crawford for it to surface.

“Witnessing white pointer copulation is informally referred to among scholars as the ‘holy grail’ of white shark ecology,” Crawford, a marine biologist from the University of Guelph in Canada, told the Guardian.


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