has exploded this year with over 75,000 visits to the site(Jan-Apr) and the summer is not even here yet! We are looking for both small and large business to team up with this year for the events and on the web site. From promotional parties to cruises on the ship the Jobbie Crew will work for you!

Jobbie Nooner Aerial
Jobbie Nooner Aerial

The Jobbie Crew is the authority on Jobbie Nooner, Raft Off and Jobbie Nooner II, three annual Summer boating events that each attract upwards of 30,000+ boaters. is also the main information site for all Lake St. Clair related events. Annually, we attract over 125,000+ unique web visit’s(2014) with 75,000 of those from Michigan(Metro Detroit area) alone. This year we are poised to cross the 300,000 unique visit mark.






Crowd shot of the mystic Maiden at Jobbie Nooner

Jobbie Crew’s custom Pirate Ship, the “Mystic Maiden”, is the main attraction every year at Jobbie Nooner, The Raft Off, Parade of Lights, Jobbie Nooner II and 5-7 other major events. Our season starts the weekend before Memorial Day and wraps up on Labor Day weekend but we promote and maintain the website year-round. We are not just a summer-only site. We are an established website with new articles published daily on boating, local events and many other interesting things our staff comes across.





Jobbie Crew banner positions

Corporate Sponsorship – Available for all events (Special pricing for package of all 3 for the summer)

Your very own page linked from the main menu to advertise your specials and business through July 31st. You will have remote access to edit and rearrange you page as you see fit.

Your 2 x 8 double sided banner hanging high and proud between the center masts of the Pirate Ship at Jobbie Nooner 2015

Your logo on the banner along the back of the boat. Your banner will be front and center in the thousands of pictures on the Jobbie Crew site plus all the tens of thousands of pictures the crowd takes

Space for your crew to pass out swag and promote your business at Jobbie Nooner

Full advertising on the site for the year. Includes leader board and side ads with reporting

Shout outs and tagging in almost every post as we ramp up to the event

We will pass out and shout out any swag/give-aways you want to provide

Your name and logo on the “Wet T-Shirt” contest (if wanted)

Includes a 4 hour private charter for up to 6 people on the Mystic Maiden this summer(date TBD)


Jobbie Crew banner positions

Banner positions on the Ship

Bow 3×8 horizontal (includes banner) | All 3 events $800 or $400 each event
Aft 3×5 vertical (includes banner) | All 3 events $800 or $400 each event
Helm 2×6 vertical (includes banner) All 3 events $600 or $300 each event





Live from Jobbie Nooner 2015!

Live broadcast of Jobbie Nooner
We are seeking to partner with someone to broadcast live from Jobbie Nooner 2015. Depending how it goes we can look at the other two events as well.

As the sponsor, your LOGO will be watermarked on the live broadcast and on any video that is later saved on the site.
The intent is also to build a special page for the broadcast on We can incorporate all of your advertising on the page plus you will be able to embed the feed in your website as well




Let the Jobbie Crew go to work for you this summer!

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