If you are like some us who love to snorkel but hate the fog or want something to cover your whole face then check this out! Would be great for Lake St Clair on those nice calm weekdays!

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From the manufacturer:

Nearly 3/4ths of the world is covered in water and what lies beneath is a sea life experience you can only enjoy if you’re looking. That’s why we created the fun and innovative Vaincre Full Face Snorkel Mask ; a 2-in-1 diving mask that lets you enjoy panoramic views without having to hold a snorkel in your mouth! 

180° Panoramic Views

A truly inspiring design, this large, full face mask lets you capture all the movement below and around you with breathtaking clarity. The anti-fog mask also features a built-in snorkel tube at the top so you can breathe easily via your mouth or nose; making it perfect for beginners, and adults alike. The top of each mask features an integrated or movable GoPro compatible mount so you can easily connect your camera and capture your dives in hands-free high-definition. 

Make the Most of Your Snorkeling Experience 
Look behind every outcropping and coral reef to see all the beautiful and vibrant creatures below with 180 degrees of panoramic views. Enjoy a crystal-clear viewing experience with anti-fog technology. 

Breath easy!

The built-in top snorkel lets you breathe more easily so you can focus on swimming and enjoying the sights and not on struggling with breathing in water.

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