Keep your money local! Yep, you heard it right! Underwater drones designed and built right here in Michigan and for a limited time save an additional $50! See where the fish are or just check out what Lake St Clair has to offer!

The Crew is excited to hopefully get their hands on one of these babies soon so we can show you guys some actual footage as soon as we get the Mystic Maiden in the water this spring! We will keep you posted and if you have some good spots that we should check out let us know!

Founded by three local Grand Rapids guys, this successful Kickstarter is bringing some pride back to Michigan with the Fathom underwater drone which is going to be assembled here as well!

The idea for the Fathom One came about when co-founder Daniel Vessells heard stories about how his local lake contained horse-drawn carriages that fell through the ice in the winter when the town was a logging hotspot in the 1800’s but had no way of finding out if the stories were true. He wasn’t scuba certified and didn’t have the money for current drone systems. That’s when he reached out to John Boss and Matthew Gira to help him bring his idea to life.

Reaching a maximum depth of 150′ with a built-in 1080p camera and a dive time of about one hour, there is not much else on the market that comes close.

Built-in LED’s and 150′ tether will get you just about anywhere you want to go. Some of the tech specs:

Pre-order yours now and save $50

  • Camera quality: 1080p
  • Battery life: Up to an hour depending on use
  • Max depth: 150ft
  • Max forward speed: 1.5 m/s or 3 knots
  • Built-in LED power: Dual 3W LEDs
  • Fathom App: Drone can fully be controlled from the Fathom App, physical controller optional, can upload photos and video to social media from the app.
  • Sensor feedback: Drone can sense depth and heading

Modular design:

For easy storage and repairs (should it be needed) Fathom is uniquely designed to be modular for compact storage. Plus as more and more customizations come about, it will be a snap to upgrade! Along with a mounting rail underneath you can add your own accessories!

Fathom Drone

Video of it in action:

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