Ever dream of hanging out on a floating island on Lake Michigan for a beautiful summer day?
Breakwater Chicago coming to Lake Michigan?

That vision may soon become a reality, as the team at Breakwater Chicago has laid out a few new renderings of the proposed project. The floating resort would make berth just off the coast, allowing visitors to shop, drink, and admire the summer sun reflecting off the skyline. The vessel looks like an island, and it’s about the size of a football field (300’ by 100’).


“Breakwater is a floating entertainment complex for Chicago,” said President & Chief Executive Manager Beau D’Arcy. “…I was working in Las Vegas, and I realized that daytime entertainment is something that Vegas has done very well – and other cities as well – and Chicago was missing some of that.”


The concept is actually proven, as there’s something similar in Istanbul. Still, Chicago isn’t exactly the most climate-friendly environment for a party barge of this size. The resort will undoubtedly operate on seasonal basis, allowing boaters to pull up, dock, and spend the day hanging out on the lake. Those without boats can hop in a water taxi to transport them there and back.

“You’re going to be swept away to a tropical island, but still be in Chicago,” said Business Development and Governmental Affairs Officer Ashvin Lad, “You’re going to be taken care of like you’re in Las Vegas – like you’re a rock star. We are going to make sure that every customer feels like it’s their first time on board or that they’re a longtime patron.”

The plans call for Breakwater Chicago to be completely eco-friendly, and the minds behind the project have stressed the importance behind that concept. There’s still no target date for Breakwater’s arrival, but we’re hopeful that the stunning resort will be on the horizon sooner rather than later.


You can follow Breakwater’s Twitter for more information as it becomes available.

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