ExoSuit wearable submarine!

Ever fantasized, like Captain Zissou, about being able to breathe underwater? Well now you can! For up to 50 hours, anyway.

ExoSuit ExoHead

Made in July 2014 by Vancouver-based Nuytco Research Company, the ExoSuit wearable submarine, took 15 years to develop and retails for $600,000.

ExoSuit body

The aluminum alloy ExoSuit weighs 530lbs and allows humans to dive 1,000 feet underwater and stay under for up to 50 hours thanks to the in-suit carbon dioxide scrubber. The suit is actually jet-powered via 4 x 1.6 HP thrusters and it only takes 10 minutes to dive to the bottom of the ocean!


ExoSuit features HD video, sonar, fiber optics, Imagenex miniature 852 scanning sonar, LED lights and can connect to a surface vessel via 1,250ft long umbilical cord with a breaking strength of 7200lbs.

The Pseudopod creature from The Abyss

Thankfully, in case you encounter the gelatinous pseudopod creature from The Abyss whilst exploring the bottom of the ocean, the suit offers emergency umbilical and thruster jettison capabilities.

Buy the EXOSUIT from Nuytco Research Co.


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The Pseudopod creature scene from The Abyss

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