Now that medical Marijuana is now legal and recreational use is well on it’s way everyone needs a good head shop. The crew are big proponents of legalized marijuana and as such do what we can to support our local headshops. We came across Two Fat Guys & Pipe in Allen Park on the recommendations of some friends.



Buy Local:

Buy Local is the story here. Aaron is the head chef, cook and waiter of Two Fat Guys & a Pipe. When you buy from people like Aaron not only are you getting his incredible knowledge about everything from current laws to marijuana history and how we got to wear we are today but his knowledge of all the products.

Sure you can sometimes get stuff cheaper online but when you buy local the money stays here and helps build the communities one dollar at a time. But you want to make sure what you are buying has local support and you know where it comes from.

Aaron’s knowledge of everything in his shop is worth it alone. Got a question about the law….He’s got the answer. Need recommendations Aaron is your man… From accessories, pipes, bongs and the law Aaron knows his stuff.


All he wanted was a one hitter:

The Captain stopped by to pick up a little one hitter and 2 hours later left with the one hitter and some of the best conversation he had in a long time.

Two Fat Guys& a Pipe have been in business for 5 years and he keeps growing as more and more people figure out how legalized marijuana helps them. “ keep having to move to bigger locations”

From pipes to papers, awesome music to grinders Two Fat Guys and a Pipe is your one stop shop. Located at 17426 Ecorse Rd in Allen Park it’s worth the trip from anywhere around Detroit. Hours are 12-8 Monday through Friday and 12-6 Saturdays

Support local music:

In addition to owning the shop Aaron is a huge proponent of local music. This bassist for Fall from Disgrace is big in the downriver music scene promoting local bands and local shows.

Two Fat Guys give back:

In addition to monthly raffles where you win a kick ass piece of glass for $1 Aaron is always doing cool shit like the Halloween Costume contest where you just show up in your costume and if you get the most votes on Facebook end up with a $350 goodie basket!



All Jobbie Crew members get 10% off everything. Just mention the Jobbie Crew!!!!






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