Donofrio MMA “Fight Night at the Joe” (Detroit)

Joseph Donofrio knows how to throw an excellent MMA event!

Mr. Donofrio runs Donofrio MMA, one of the top MMA promotion companies in the USA. Luckily for us, his company in based in Detroit, Michigan!

Joseph Donofrio, president of Donofrio MMA, Detroit.

Donofrio MMA hosted “Fight Night at the Joe” on Saturday, April 9th, 2016 to a crowd of about 4,000 people at Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit.

There were 13 bone-crunching bouts of male and female MMA fighters and we had a blast attending!

Chelsea Faulder subduing Tabatha Ann Watkins!

All the fights were good. Here’s our favorite three fights:

Chelsea Faulder and her ole fashioned ass whooping of Tabatha Ann Watkins.

Solomon Renfro’s explosive domination over Labron Oldham. Renfro was tossing Oldham around and body slamming him left and right.

Eric Vondenhuevel’s 7-second KO punch of Randy Uresti. Hit him right in the nose on the first punch!

Thank you Mr. Donofrio and Donofrio MMA for putting on such a great show!

Exclusive Photos:



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