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CLARKSTON, MI – Eric Kilburn Jr. didn’t hesitate Sunday to tell the Under Armour representative who came to measure his record-breaking feet what color and style of shoe he wanted.

He likes the company’s Lockdown 6 basketball shoe in red.

Today was the first time since elementary school the 14-year-old was able to weigh in on the appearance of his footwear.

Eric Kilburn Jr custom size 23 shoes (photo by Eric Kilburn Jr)

The Kilburn family met with Robb Cropp, senior director of Footwear Development at Under Armour, at Bridgewood Church in Clarkston to get a 3D rendering of the teenager’s feet on Sunday, March 26.

The 6-foot-10 Goodrich High School freshman went viral after an MLive-The Flint Journal story about his journey looking for shoes that fit his feet properly.

He needed them in a size 23 or bigger, which are extremely difficult to find.

Under Armour took a 3D rendering of Kilburn Jr.’s feet to create a mold that will then be used to make a shoe “from the ground up,” Cropp said.
Eric Kilburn Jr custom size 23 shoes (photo by Eric Kilburn Jr)
It will be a six- to eight-week process, Cropp hopes, to custom make a pair of everyday shoes for the Goodrich teenager. Then, just in time for the football season, Under Armour will make him cleats.

The measurement was a lifechanging moment for Kilburn Jr., who has since lived most of his life with unbearable foot pain, blisters and other issues from wearing size 22 shoes that are too small.

Rebecca Kilburn, Eric Jr.’s mother, said Under Armour changed the trajectory of her son’s life by reaching out and being willing to help.

Cropp’s visit was the culmination of a years-long journey for the Kilburn family who worked tirelessly to find footwear options for their son.
Eric Kilburn Jr custom size 23 shoes (photo by Eric Kilburn Jr)

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