Earthroamer XV-LTS Expedition Vehicle

If you have always dreamed of hitting the road in a beast of a vehicle and living in it completely off the grid, the Earthroamer XV-LTS can turn those dreams into reality.

Originally, the creator of Earthroamer XV-LTS designed it to make his pursuit of landscape photography a reality. Now, after lots of improvement and tinkering, this vehicle can confidently take you on a 900-mile cruise to pursue your own ambitions.

The Earthroamer uses 4×4 turbo diesel Ford F-550 chassis as a base. On top of the vehicle, you will find mounted solar panels that can provide you with enough electricity to live off the grid. 


The massive water tank will od the same in case of the water. But the luxury interior of the vehicle will make you feel like you are staying in a hotel rather than in a camper. That’s the beauty of the Earthroamer.

Apart from that, the vehicle comes with some impressive specs and features. Military tires, air ride suspensions, heavy-duty steel bumper, 10,000 lbs towing capabilities, and so much more.

All these ensure that your ride is smooth and your are comfortable and prepared for anything.

Looking at this vehicle, leaving everything and hitting the road suddenly feels like an even more enticing prospect. 


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