Dronejacking” and “Dronejackings” by cyber-criminals will be the new wave of the future in 2017, according to Intel’s McAfee Labs annual security threats report.

Talented Dronejackers will devise and perfect a variety of drone takedown hacks.


They will dronejack everything from commercial package deliveries to law enforcement surveillance drones.

Dronejacking toolkits will be sold on the dark web in 2017.


JobbieCrew’s Sure-fire Solution to Dronejacking:

Travel to Lilliput. Recruit an ultra-elite team of Lilliputians to man an army of drones with electrified lassos as their weapons.

The Lilliputian Drone Pilots (LDROP) can fly parallel to the drones and wrangle dronejacked drones out of the sky. It will work!

Lilliputians to the rescue!

Intel’s McAfee Labs 2017 Threat Report


Dronejacking criminal


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