Australian rapper Milan MG shot some fascinating drone footage off the coast of Baia village, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

He filmed a huge salt water crocodile cruising thru the water with a pig in its jaws!


Papua New Guinea is an incredibly interesting country. It was a German colony from 1899-1914.

There’s over 800 languages spoken here and many isolated mysterious tribes still exist along the Sepik River, including the Korowai cannibals.

Foja Mountain offers a shockingly large 2 million acres of old dense growth forests, making Papua New Guinea one of the world’s last unexplored regions.

Thousands of eye-witness reports over the years from tourists and illiterate villagers have stated the existence of Ropen pterosaurs on Umboi Island that bioluminesce at night. Meaning, they claim that pterodactyl-like dinosaur creatures still exist on a remote island. They sleep in the day and hunt at night.

If you think re-discovering dinosaurs is implausible, remember that the 65 million year old Coelacanth was thought extinct until they started finding them off the coast of South Africa in 1938.

Click image to watch video:


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