Detroit Lions Tailgating

Detroit Lions, baby!

Sure, they haven’t won the Championship since 1957 but we love them anyway.

One of the best parts of football season is tailgating. And there ain’t no party like a DETROIT party. 

Detroit Lions Tailgating

The main spot for Detroit Lions Tailgating is the Eastern Market district in Downtown Detroit, which is not far from Ford Field where the Lions play.

Here you will find thousands of people pre-gaming it with music, booze and Honolulu Blue.

These groups include The Tubgaters and The Blue Crew, two of the top Lions tailgating crews.

Detroit Lions Tailgating

The Tugaters and The Blue Crew set up shop in Eastern Market’s Lot One, which is in front of Vivio’s Pub (2460 Market Street, Detroit).

You can walk up, pay a nominal fee and join in the festivities or you can purchase your own space from Eastern Market for $45.00.

Detroit Lions Tailgating

Detroit Lions Home Games Tailgating Schedule 

Sun, Sept 15, 1pm, Chargers

Sun, Sept 29, 1pm Chiefs

Fri, Oct 20, 1pm Vikings

Fri, Oct 27, 1pm Giants

Sun, Nov 17, 1pm Cowboys

Thurs, Nov 28, 12:30pm, Bears

Sun, Dec 15, 1pm, Buccaneers

Sun, Dec 29, 1pm Packers

Detroit Lions Tailgating with The Tubgaters & The Blue Crew!


Detroit Lions Tailgating
Detroit Lions Tailgating
Detroit Lions Tailgating
Detroit Lions Tailgating

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