DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, is the Pentagon’s advanced technology lab, their research & development arm.

DARPA is based in Arlington, Virginia and is probably one of the world’s coolest agencies. They get to develop all sorts of prototypes of stealth technologies here.

DARPA’s new Underwater Messaging System, will revolutionize telecommunications globally.

DARPA’s AMEBA program

Officially called the AMEBA program, A Mechanically Based Antennae, this will allow for encrypted wireless technologies for off-the-grid communications literally anywhere in the world.

The process involves using ULF (ultra low-frequency) electromagnetic waves that can pass thru any physical structure, material or medium. In other words, you can clearly, easily and safely talk to people in/from mines, caves, deep bunkers, subway tunnels, etc.

DARPA texting underwater!

The main problem so far has been building something small enough to carry. Longer wavelengths require taller antennas. DARPA’s is solving this by building tiny ULF transmitters to carry on your body at all times.

Dr. Troy Olsson, Microsystems program manager at DARPA, is spearheading this. He received his PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan.


Fun Fact:

DARPA helped create the Internet.

In 1969, the ARPANet was an early packet-switching network using TCP/IP. This evolved into the Internet as we know it today, thanks to Vinton Cerf “father of the internet” who worked for DARPA.

Fun Fact:

DARPA also wants to terraform the planet Mars by adding plants, algae, creatures to generate gases that will eventually create a breathable atmosphere!

DARPA’s AMEBA program


DARPA stealth technologies
DARPA underwater texting