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10/10 Cheow Lan Lake, Thailand

Located in Khao Sok National Park, Cheow Lan Lake is an area that features rich fauna and flora. The area is also an interesting underwater landscape that’s characterized by decaying trees and lots of unique rock formations. While the trees add to the creepiness of this dive site, the unique underwater emerald scenery just makes it an alien landscape.


9/10 Turtle Tomb, Malaysia

Turtle Tomb creeps out divers with the numerous skeletons of green sea turtles that rest on the ocean floor here. The water was not poisoned, and neither was it too salty. The numerous tunnels that fill the dive site are what trapped the turtles in the cave and cost them their lives. Divers to this creepy site are advised to be extremely careful when navigating the confusing cave to avoid adding to the collection of skeletons that are already located there.


8/10 Devil’s Cave System, Florida

Located in Ginnie Springs, the Devil’s Cave may be warm and welcoming but what lies underneath is what makes it particularly creepy and scary. This dive spot is dark and characterized by a series of dangerously narrow tunnels which are capable of disorienting divers and sometimes destroying diving equipment.


7/10 Cenote Angelita, Mexico

Cenote Angelita’s creepiness lies in its eerie serenity and unique underwater scenery. Divers here will be met with sights of clouds which are hydrogen sulfate that’s formed as a result of the mixture of freshwater and underground salt water. This, combined with the unusual green scenery of the water, makes this dive site particularly eerie.


6/10 Neptune Memorial Reef, Florida

Commonly referred to as the largest man-made reef in the world, Neptune Memorial Reef is one of the creepiest dive sites in the United States. The site is an underwater cemetery, and many divers come here to either pay homage to their loved ones whose cremated remains are held here or explore the massive artificial reef. Whatever the intention of diving here is, there’s no denying that this place will send shivers down a person’s spine deep.


5/10 Salem Express, Egypt

Salem Express is a dive site that has an eerie story to it. The site is a shipwreck that sank in 1991 with hundreds of passengers onboard. Today it is a diving site that attracts divers from all over the world as it comes with great underwater visibility and also features several marine creatures. While the dive is exciting and beautiful, the presence of the personal belongings of those who lost their lives in this shipwreck makes the whole experience creepy and depressing.


4/10 Flooded Titan 1 Nuclear Missile Silo, Washington State

The flooded Nuclear Missile Silo in Washington is the perfect example of a site from a movie scene where a terrifying long-tailed creature emerges from the water and swallows up curious explorers. For one to access this dive site, one first has to go deep into an eerie hole in the ground where one will be met with tunnels, pipes, cables, and lots of things that can be hazardous to the health. While the creepiness and the dangers attached to the site are its most popular features, this dive site is also a great place to learn a little history about the Cold War.


3/10 Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

Many dive sites may be famous for corals and marine life, but Truk Lagoon, also known as Chuuk Lagoon, is rather strange as it is famous for being home to more than 50 WWII shipwrecks. This has made it the largest ship cemetery in the world. If these ships were souls, then this dive spot in Central Pacific would have no doubt been a haunted spot. Still, people come from all over the world to dive here and see the marine life and the numerous tanks and numerous war equipment that rest there.


2/10 Rummu Quarry, Estonia

The dive site, now known as Rummu Quarry, is the product of a Soviet prison that was abandoned and left to the mercy of flood. It eventually sank and has now become a place where divers come to experience a creepy underwater adventure. The creepy sights of ruins and the underwater forest here will definitely make divers creep out.


1/10 Cenote Esqueleto, Mexico

Also known as the temple of doom, this dive site in Tulum is characterized by extreme darkness that almost feels like an overwhelming garment. But that’s not all. Further into the dive are several passages and tunnels that can make it difficult for divers to find their way back to the surface. In the process of trying to find their way back to the surface, many divers here have run out of air and eventually lost their lives in the past.


Creepy Dive Sites (photo by Steve O’Bannion)

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