Coronavirus cruise ship quarantine supercharged our sex lives!

Thanks to NY Post for this:

When the cruise ship is a’-rockin’, don’t come a’-knockin’.

Orlando couple David Junkonian and Courtney Lane were stuck on the Grand Princess cruise ship for weeks, while a coronavirus outbreak forced the vessel into quarantine.

But while the claustrophobic situation caused some passengers to panic, Junkonian and Lane spent four sexy days aboard their very own love boat.

“My girlfriend and I are definitely hooking up more than we would have if we finished the cruise as planned,” says Junkonian, 38, who is currently unemployed.

They aren’t the only ones looking on the bright side during the coronavirus pandemic: Couples and singles alike are embracing the chance to get inside — and get busy.

Coronavirus cruise ship quarantine supercharged our sex lives!

After 21 people aboard the ship tested positive for the coronavirus, nearly 3,500 passengers were quarantined on the ship off the coast of California.

Passengers were instructed to stay in their cabins as much as possible. The ship was finally docked in Oakland, California on Monday as health officials began disembarking guests, either to further quarantine or to receive medical attention.

Despite reports of fights over rotting food on board the ship, Junkonian and Lane, 37, were still able to order a steady diet of “Captain and Cokes” from the ship’s bar to their cabin and find erotic ways to pass the time.

“The most private spot during lockdown was the shower, so we would spend the most important moments there,” Junkonian tells The Post.

And if he had known about the eventual perks of his voyage? “I would have paid extra.”

The duo have been together for a year and relished their extra time on the Grand Princess. “Just spending this super intimate time together has been really good for our relationship,” he says.

Junkonian and Lane were lucky enough to not show any COVID-19 symptoms. But when it came to disembarking, which involved getting screened by a doctor and sent off to quarantine, the stressful situation dampened their steamy ocean time.

“That part was fun,” says Junkonian. “This part is not.”

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