Holiday Cheers for all! and a poem for the rest of you!IMGL0062

With Christmas just around the corner,
And not a bikini around,
The woman are so covered up,
We could be a middle east town 

Long johns everywhere,
Sweater necks abound,
Cover-all’s a covering,
And I’m a turtling all night long,

To cold to get naked,
Let alone show some skin,
We dream of the days of,
Beer, Boobs, Summer and skin, 

Beer and wine,
Nipples and asses,
Boat’s and babes,
we long for the past,

Thru cold winter nights,
I dream in my head,
Till our friend Jobbie Nooner,
Is here again! 


 The Crew wishes all of you a happy and safe holiday season! 




Thank you to our friends at or their facebook for this years present

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