Roy Schreyer inside his micro-houseboat!

Have you ever seen the excellent Sam Raimi movie ‘The Evil Dead’ with the spooky cabin the woods? From the outside, the cabin is small but inside it’s comically large. That’s how Roy’s micro-houseboat looks.

DIY Micro-Houseboat = 17-feet long x 8-feet wide

Roy Schreyer, a Canadian cabinetmaker by trade in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, has created an ingeniously small and cozy DIY Micro-Houseboat.

Spacious interior

Nicknamed ‘Dianne’s Rose’, the micro-houseboat is 17-feet long and 8-feet wide.

Very roomy!

It has curved roof framing, draws only 6” of water (so you can basically travel anywhere) and has a 9.8hp motor.

Easily towable!

The boat exhibits beautiful craftsmanship and can be built for $4,500.

Purchase PDF plans for $230.00 from Roy via email.

You can purchase PDF plans for $230.00 on how to build the boat from Roy via email.

Detroit, Michigan to Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

Contact: Roy Schreyer

DIY Micro-Houseboat!

Roy Schreyer’s homepage


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