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Canadian boaters and paddlers are being urged to get NEXUS cards.

Currently, Canadians who cross over the international boundary line while out on the water don’t have to contact authorities if it’s a safety reason, such as avoiding a freighter or other obstacles.

Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley says this has been an ongoing issue for several years.

“This is the latest complication about the NEXUS card and so that the public understands, it simply means if you go across that imaginary line and not planning on landing in the U.S. you could be in serious trouble and lose your boat and or be fined,” says Bradley. “There has to be a solution to this, when you look at the number of recreational boaters up and down the Great Lakes, particularly in the Sarnia-Lambton area, it’s an unnecessary punishment or fear factor as it relates to boating.”

Bradley says he will meet with the Mayor of Port Huron and the city manager in the next couple weeks. He says he plans to raise this issue with them and hopes to gain their support to push for a better solution.

U.S. boaters can cross into Canadian water and do not have to contact authorities if they have no plans of landing or anchoring.

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