Cafe Fellatio (Geneva, Switzerland)!

It’s 6am. You’re on your way to work. You say “hey, my brain needs to be flooded with some dopamine,” so you drive over to Cafe Fellatio for coffee and something a little stronger than a shot of espresso.

Aerial view of Geneva’s Old Town captured by a professional drone.


Order your coffee

Select a sex worker from an iPad

Get a blowjob for $50.00 while drinking your coffee

Drive into work smiling

Wake up the next day and repeat. Your life gradually becomes a more pleasant version of Groundhog Day as your friends wonder, “Man his coffee consumption has really gone up!”

This goes on until you’re mortified at your cousin’s announcement that she’s getting a new job (where?) Cafe Fellatio. Ahhhh! 

Cafe Fellatio (Geneva, Switzerland)!

Yes, Cafe Fellatio is a real concept that will be opening soon. Created by Bradley Charvet who runs the Facegirl escort agency in Geneva, Cafe Fellatio will no doubt have long lines.

Yes, prostitution is legal in Switzerland for 18+ up. Brothels are legal. Pimping is not.

What we want to know is: Will Starbucks up the ante? 

Cafe Fellatio (Geneva, Switzerland)!

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