Hey, they’re only $800,000.00 to $60,000,000.00.


What, your pockets are slim, they’re on a diet? No problem!

Just get your rich Uncle Fatpockets to front you the loot, then you can finance the acquisition with a partial up-front cash payment (and discounted because it’s cash), fake your own death, shoot down to Barbados in the Super Yacht and hope the yacht reposession people don’t find you.

But rest assured (if you really are considering this) the yacht repo people somehow always find you. It’s not exactly easy to hide a big ass yacht full of gyrating hard-partying bikini-clad models and a drunk captain blaring loud booty music and smoking the reefer, now is it, Kemosabe?

Superyacht interior

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Top 8 Helicopters for Your Superyacht (when you want to check out a nearby island)

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