Kid Rock’s Balinese-style mansion (28830 Bison Court, Malibu, CA) $14mil

Being native Detroiters, the Jobbie Crew loves Kid Rock. We always hear rumors about him hanging out on yachts at Jobbie Nooner and would love to have him come hang out on our Mystic Maiden pirate ship sometime at Jobbie!

Carved Balinese entry-way

5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, property is on 1.54 acres.

Kid Rock’s 8,300sq ft Balinese-style mansion (28830 Bison Court, Malibu, California) in the exclusive Point Dume neighborhood surprises us.

Sitars hanging on the walls, ultra-modern interior, etc. Hard to picture Kid Rock chillin’ on some zebra print pillows in the cabana drinking a 40oz. but there ya go!

Kid Rock, like other native Detroit musician Jack White, owns a condo in Nashville.

However, unlike Jack White (who grew up in Southwest Detroit at 1203 Ferdinand St and moved to 1731 Seminole Street in Indian Village before leaving Detroit for Nasvhille), Kid Rock keeps it real by actually living in Detroit at the 6,000sq ft property 9090 Dwight Street by Mayor Duggan’s Manoogian Mansion.


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