Portiere Ferry Boat (New Orleans, LA)

Whoooo! Good lord, folks! Imagine transporting people from the mainland out to various Lake St. Clair events on this baby, the Portiere Ferry Boat!

Built in 1937, refurbished in 1993, the boat is 140ft long and can hold 684 people and 40 vehicles.

Ferry Boat Deck

It’s currently going for $127,000.00

However, the boat is valued at $2.9mil.

Ferry Boat cabin

There’s just one catch: you have to pick it up in New Orleans.

Ferry Boat interior

How do you transfer a boat 1,000 miles from New Orleans to Detroit? You could hire a boat transfer company like Maritime Boat Transport.


What:              Buy an old refburished New Orleans ferry boat

Where:           Purchase it via online auction here

Cost:                Currently going for $127,000.00 (but valued at $2.9mil)

Auction:         Ends Friday, March 13th, 2015 @ 5pm

Pickup:          Jackson Ave Ferry Landing (1 Jackson Ave Wharf, New Orleans, LA)

Contact:        Jason Franklin (504) 913-1594

More detailed information about the boat here


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