Browns Bar (Harsens Island)

Browns Bar has been a favorite legendary waterfront bar for boaters on Lake St. Clair ever since it opened in 1946.

Billy Fritts purchased Browns in 1996, created the slogan “Big Boats, Big Beers, Big Party’s!”, hired Chef Dave Thompson as manager, and Browns has been getting more and more popular every year.

Browns Bar (Harsens Island)

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Browns has 50+ boat wells for boats, so you can conveniently pull your boat right up to the bar! Otherwise, you have to take a car. Browns in located on Harsens Island.

Browns Bar (Harsens Island)

To get there, take Champion’s Auto Ferry from the mainland (Pointe Tremble Road, Algonac, Michigan). Yes, you will drive your car onto the ferry, pay the $7.00 roundtrip fee and they will take you to Harsens Island.

Browns is also nationally famous for having one of the best Halloween Costume parties in the country. Don’t miss it: 70th annual Browns Bar Halloween Party (Saturday, October 1st, 2016).

Photos from Browns Halloween Party:

Browns Bar (Harsens Island)

What:          Browns Bar opens for boating season!

When:         Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Where:        Browns Bar (6630 Middle Channel Drive, Harsens Island, Michigan)

Browns Bar (Harsens Island)

Browns homepage

Browns Bar facebook page

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