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Friday, April 16, 2021


Got a boating question? The Jobbie Crew has not one, but two USCG licensed captains! If we don’t know it we will get you an answer! Ask the Captains your questions here:


Ask the Captains your question


Running with those fancy LED lights? Prepare to get boarded! We are not lawyers! If you have specific questions the best thing to do is to reach out to your Sheriff. They have always been happy to answer our questions! We have seen a lot of posts on Facebook about people getting...
Jet Capsule Mini Jet Yacht! ($69,000)
Wooden Ferrari F50 Car-Boat Coming to Jobbie Nooner!
Ponant's Blue Eye Underwater Lounges!
The Jobbie Crew is dedicated to everyone coming home alive, every time. Starting this year we are going to start our own safety series including a way to “Ask the Captian” if you have specific questions related to boating safety that you want to be explained. These laws primarily apply to Michigan...