Save $6,000 on this $400.00 TV Black Friday only!

Get 96% off this mattress with a free TV!

Get your face pounded in trying to save $20 on a toaster!

Get your face pounded while trying to save $20. An American tradition!

Oh don’t forget your $6 latte from Starbucks!

By the time this post goes live on Black Friday 2015 most diehards are already at home sleeping away the adrenaline fueled late night early morning shopping they just endured! Yet again, the Big Business and the media win. We, the cattle buying shit we don’t need when yesterday we just celebrated what we are thankful for!

Buy Local

We are not against Capitalism or giving gifts all we ask that you think about buying local and helping the people in your community, not big business. Information from Forbes shows local owned business employ over 50% of Americans. Imagine what that stimulus would do to help all of us that work for small business instead of going to the billionaires at Walmart or Target and their share holders. Sure they employ a lot of low wage workers but that’s the part everyone should be worried about….LOW WAGE. Do your part and shop local and support your neighbors.

Help out someone else

Everyone needs what others have

This year please take a minute to really think about what is important. In the US alone there are almost 50,000 homeless veterans.  These are men and women that volunteered to go into harms way to serve and protect this great country of ours! We as a country have let them down and continue to do so every day. Not to mention the other hundreds of thousand people in our own country that do not have enough to eat or a place to stay. So as you suck down that Starbuck latte be sure to drop a couple of coins to help out the less fortunate.

We hope that you and your family truly have a blessed holiday but try to help one person out this season that might need a little bit even if it’s just being a friend!




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